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Accessories that can fit your Fitbit blaze

When the matter is concerned with jazzing up of the fitness trackers, the first device that strikes an individual's mind is that of the Wearlizer Fitbit blaze band. It is one of the most customisable devices that can be found on the market in the present days. Some of the Wearlizer Fitbit blaze accessories are its gunmetal edition that has recently pursued a handsome up gradation. The ankle extension is a useful accessory that is particularly designed especially for the cyclists who want to improve accuracy in terms of step tracking.

The strap is absolutely fit to be worn around your ankle. This piece usually comes in extra long or standard options that allow discreetly monitoring of the space where you shall be carrying the tracker. It also comes up with its own array of metal frames that can help to save the money. It also gives off a suit friendly vibe that has also got a metal buckle that was consequently featured with the blaze band in order to ensure that the item does not budge from the wrist.

Other Wearlizer Fitbit blaze accessories include the replacement USB charger that is an essential kit for people who are usually familiar with a lot of travelling. This item adds personality to the Fitbit Blaze and you shall only require carrying a spare charger in your hand purse.

All you need is to pop it out of the Blaze screen and get it detached from the frame. Consequently, you would just need to trap the item inside a small cradle that is fitted with the Fitbit blaze. This piece may not set up as an exciting or a stylish strap but it would definitely prevent you from staring down from your wrist and you can also avoid from letting the status bar of the ref battery from being visible.

 Another significant item among the Wearlizer Fitbit blaze accessories is the screen protector that has got IQ shield liquid skin with full coverage screen protector. They have also achieved the HD clear along with an anti-bubble film that is visually invisible and offers a complete edge to edge coverage to the screen of your device. It also specialises with a unique process of liquid molding and the protective film or the layer prevents the layer stacking. It solely ignores the conventional process and consequence of this additional stacking.

 Moreover, it is well equipped with its prime concern of providing prime protection to the single sheet. The article is considerably frictionless and ensures a tough yet flexible out course. It is thin but extremely durable and offers a crystal clear transparency across the film thereby ensuring true fee of sensitivity. The charging stand or the charging dock station with a cradle holder along with a charging clip composed of a premium plastic bracket or a charger cable is an elegant and fashionable accessory that ensures steady exposure and is capable of fitting your Fitbit blaze in an efficient manner.